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What does this Juniper White Label Tool module offer you?

With the Juniper White Label Tool, you can:

  • Sell your holiday products under the trademarks of your clients.
  • Create as many white label websites as you wish.
  • Set up a white label for each agency and sales channel.
  • Generate the white label based on your website design or assign a specific website design to be a white label.
  • Determine what type of business the white label should be: B2B, B2C or mixed.
  • Offer your clients several options to access the white label such as deeplink (direct link), own URL (domain) or subdomain.
  • Customize the white label with the logo of your collaborator, choose a set of colours, edit the contact information, and choose the product and content you want to offer.
  • Show specific product websites from your own brand or sub-brands in direct sales to end customers.
Juniper White Label Tool
Juniper White Label Tool

What advantages does this module bring to your business?

Thanks to the Juniper White Label Tool module you will get:

  • Greater distribution of your holiday products through the commercial brands of your clients.
  • Create and manage your white labels directly from the intranet, without the need for additional technical help.
  • Offer several advantages to your clients:
    • They will obtain a website with their logo and corporate colors to sell your holiday products without investing in additional operational time.
    • They will be able to complement their offer with your holiday products.
    • The responsibility will not fall on them, saving time in contracting, managing reservations, cancellations, ...
    • It will not involve operational costs for them.